Something to suit everyone Glasgow's a great place to visit. Rich in restaurants and culture.
On the doorstep we have
The Huntarian Museum
The Mackintosh House
Kelvingrove Art Gallery
The wonderful Botanic Gardens with the Kibble Palace

Loch Lomond is only 20 minutes away! Take a great trip and go to the Boat House restaurant for lunch on a sunny day. The restaurant in in the grounds of Camereon House.

THE ORAN MOR - for drinks and catch a lunch time play.
A Play a Pie and a Pint!
BOOLY MARDY'S - famous for cocktails but they do a great lunch that will keep your purse happy.
ATRIUM COFFEE HOUSE - just accross the road from the flat. Good coffee and really nice atmostphere
ANTIPASTI - on Byres Road. cheerful pasta
LITTLE ITALY - sit at the window and watch the world go by
THE UBIQUITOUS CHIP - the old ones are the best! Top marks for atmostphere.
Many others - right on the doorstep.

Byres Road has some great shops.
DE COURCY'S ARCADE - small and interesting shops don't forget to go upstairs!
NANCY SMILLIE SHOP - probably the best shop in Glasgow - well we would say that wouldn't we - it's our shop!
Cresswell & Co. for hair and massage.
FOPP -records and books
FAT FACE -casual clothes
No shortage of coffee bars and Marks and Spencers Food if you decide that's what would fit the bill.
Waitrose is just round the corner from the flats.
You'll have a great time.